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The Sticky Story

Stickynote Tech Services is a local family-owned small business. My name is Andy Trask and I am a Customer Caregiver at Stickynote Technical Services. This isn't my first pass at helping out families, home computer users, and small businesses in need of computer and technology support. In the spring of 2001, following a nearly 20-year career working for high-tech companies in quality assurance and technical support roles, I had a bit of a personal revelation one night about the growing need for professional home computer support.
photo of Andy Trask, Stickynote Customer Caregiver and one of the original founders as well as former head geek at Burlington-based Geek Housecalls

It was a Sunday night and I had just gotten off the phone with my father-in-law. His Windows 98 PC had mysteriously stopped working after he did some "housecleaning" as he put it (trust me, it wasn't the first time, I'm on his speed dial). I was sitting in my living room, phone in hand, thinking about how many times he had called me for computer help, which led to thinking about all the other weekend "tech support" I had been providing for relatives and friends, doing a memory or hard drive upgrade here, troubleshooting the odd error message there, even installing home network wiring in my younger sister's house before home wireless networking came of age. And at that moment it occured to me that the world is full of folks who, just like my family and friends, need a reliable skilled technician to call on when things go awry with the home computer, printer, network, email, router, or whatever!

With that idea, and knowing that people also really dislike disconnecting everything and hauling it in to a repair shop, I started Geek Housecalls along with another fellow who was more businessman than geek. In the 11 years since, Geek Housecalls has grown to service more than 20,000 customers in three states and is easily recognized by their bright yellow and white vehicles.

More recently, I moved on from my longtime position with Geek Housecalls. Why? Well, let's put it this way... I'm not getting any younger ;P

I'm ready to pull back a little, get back to my roots - become once again, the trusted local geek for customers who appreciate the personal care offered by the smaller business. And so, I give you Stickynote Tech Services and a little something to think about...

Do you ever feel like the big companies have forgotten how to take care of their customers?

Or perhaps they've just lost sight of who you are in their rush to make profits for shareholders. No matter though, if you're tired of trying to find good, reliable tech help; tired of settling for mediocre one-size-fits-all service offerings from corporate behemoths like Best Buy / Geek Squad, Staples, Verizon, or Comcast; tired of feeling like nobody is really in your corner looking out for you... try Stickynote Tech Services and find out what it’s like to get expert world-class service from patient, friendly, and non-judgemental professionals. Call, text, or email today. We promise you'll be delighted!

- Andy & Sue Trask

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